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Plectra: quill or Delrin?

Traditionally, plectra are in quill, sometimes in leather. Nowadays, many makers and voicers use Delrin, a polyacetal. How to make a choice? The comments below might be useful.

Ten good reasons to voice in quillplume 011 300px

   1 - It sounds better.
   2 - The touch is more responsive.
   3 - The touch is lighter.
   4 - Quill plectra will not let you down unexpectedly in the middle of a concert.
   5 - Quill plectra are long lasting.
   6 - Quill plectra are not difficult to cut and voice.
   7 - Quill is a historical material.
   8 - Few feathers are required.
   9 - The strength of the pluck is adapted to the pitch of the note.
10 - It sounds so much better!