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Roger Murray, Harpsichord and Clavichord maker

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64 Saltwood Road, Seaford, BN25 3SR, UK

In 1976, Roger Murray started his studies at The London College of Furniture under the tuition of David Law, together with fellow student Ian Tucker. The following year Anne Fahy joined the College, and their collaboration has continued ever since.

Roger worked for Michael Thomas in 1979-80, living in the house that was also home to Michael's extensive collection of historical keyboard instruments. This was a unique opportunity to learn in detail from the instruments themselves. Roger spent many hours studying in details the different styles of construction, designs, materials, as well as the history of the instruments through their modifications, ravalements or restorations. The knowledge thus gained has been a solid base for all projects thereafter. In these early days, clavichords already became a significant part of Roger’s work.

In 1981 Roger joined Anne and Ian Tucker at their Mistley Quay workshop, gaining more knowledge thanks to synergy that had established between the three artisans.

For many years Roger was involved in the Furniture and Joinery business, an opportunity to use his problem solving skills, and acquire greater flexibility. This experience is of considerable benefit, for example when asked to repair badly damaged instruments. Indeed, during the last ten years of the Early Keyboard Agency, Roger contributed to the rebuilding of many harpsichords, some of which were in a deplorable condition.

Today Roger is building all types of harpsichord, spinet, and clavichord. He gives as much attention to the quality of sound as to setting up the action to the standard of professional music performance.

Roger uses the same materials and techniques as used in pre-19th century instruments, producing instruments with an authentic feel and appearance. Hinges and other metalwork such as tuning pins and clavichord tangents are usually made by Roger, with as little machine work as possible.

As well as building new instruments, Roger also carries out structural repairs or modifications, and voicing in real quill or in Delrin.

Roger is a reasonably confident amateur keyboard player, and enjoys testing Instruments extensively before delivery.