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Spare strings

Spare strings are prepared with Malcolm Rose's wire : his iron, brass and red brass are based on research into the wires used in Europe from the late 17th to the mid 19th century.

The strings are supplied with a loop, wrapped individually, ready to put in place.boucle de cordes en laiton rouge

Prices (March 2023)

Length 1,50 m 4,60 €
  2,00 m 5,30 €
  2,50 m 6,90 €

Postage & packing : 10 € per order.

The material
Specify iron, brass or red brass
The diameter

You will find it on the stringing chart. In its absence, and without a micrometer, please send a sample of the string.
The length
Measure the length from the hitchpin (along the bentside or the tail) until the tuning pin, and add 20 cm.

Note : if the same strings break repeatedly, it may be wise to consider changing to steel (from iron strings) or iron (from brass strings). Do not hesitate to contact me to evaluate the problem.

Complete restringing : please contact me for a quote.